Journey | Manifest Destiny: The Designer Edition

So for anyone who follows me on social media, you probably have already heard about my next great adventure. Next week I will be moving cross country to sunny San Diego! Its such a huge leap going from the east coast to the west coast, but I’m super excited about it.

A couple of weeks ago, I flew out to San Diego(my second trip) to interview at Digital Telepathy. First before I go on, let me tell you… they have an AMAZING office! Back when I was in San Diego in early June for Valio Con I met an awesome guy by the name of Dustin LaMont, who works at DT. We simply chatted a couple of times here and there over the very long conference and followed each other on twitter. Now, I’ve always believed in networking but I’ve never thought that just this simple interaction would lead to me moving over 2,000 miles cross country!

I won’t be the only one making this long journey to California. My mom and two of our dogs will be braving the long drive from Savannah to San Diego. Its going to be exciting making the trip out there with her and the dogs. We are all each other has really, and I couldn’t just leave her here in Savannah alone. (:

Currently we are in the process of packing up and getting ready for the big move. As I’m writing this I’m surrounded by boxes(I guess the new studio photos will have to wait for when we get to California). Its going to be a long and stressful journey and I only hope we don’t go completely cuckoo for coco puffs along the way!

Well I guess I will wrap up this blog post and get back to work! Hope you all are having a great week so far and that you have an even better weekend!

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Incan Abraham - Tuolumne (Official Video)

Love this song and this video, very inspirational with the colors and scenery.


Reflection Field

American artist Phillip K Smith III (Previously) for this year’s Coachella festival, created an installation of shiny cuboids that by day provided a series of mirrors, but by night were transformed into neon towers of light

Currently | Unsplash Website

Over the course of the last few weeks, I’ve been working on a fun little web design exercise. Some of you may know the blog, Unsplash(if you don’t go check them out! They are freaking AWESOME!). Well, I decided that it was time that they have their own website instead of just a tumblr blog to host their amazing photographs. As some of you know, I’ve recently started to branch out into web design and thought this would be a great way to really test my newly developing skills.

Since I started on this project, there have been two awesome guys who have helped me by critiquing my work and giving me pointers along the way, Peter Deltondo & Dustin LaMont. Definitely go check out their work on dribbble! They both have been a huge help for me since I have struck out on my own. Looking forward to working with them more in the future!

Below you will see some of the full web pages that I’ve created so far for the website. I’m still not finished quite yet but I wanted to at least show everyone what the website looks like so far. If anyone has any suggestions, tips/tricks, critiques, or anything like that please feel free to leave a comment. I am always looking for feedback on my work, especially things like this!

Thanks for stopping by and reading this and I hope you’re having a great tuesday!

Currently | Unsplash Website was originally published on Rocky Roark

This weekend I’m going to breeze through this book here. #creativity #creative #imagination #imagine #confidence #design #designer #problemsolving #innovation #ideo #unleash #book #books #reading #read
This weekend I’m going to breeze through this book here. #creativity #creative #imagination #imagine #confidence #design #designer #problemsolving #innovation #ideo #unleash #book #books #reading #read

This weekend I’m going to breeze through this book here. #creativity #creative #imagination #imagine #confidence #design #designer #problemsolving #innovation #ideo #unleash #book #books #reading #read

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